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An intensive training program to build your filming and storying skills.

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Understanding the value of good storytelling techniques in today’s technologically-focused age will allow you to produce work that extends beyond “eye candy” and changes lives. From music videos and new media to short films and documentaries; this course will enhance your skills.

Once you have completed Video School or another school (and yes, you’ll need the school leader’s approval for this) you can move up the production ladder and begin to tell stories in a variety of formats. Jesus loved telling stories – in fact, there is no doubt that storytelling was His favourite method of teaching. This course will allow you to discover the joy of seeing your words, direction, shots and editing come to life on the big (and the small) screen.  What may have seemed difficult in Video School will form the basis of the Digital Film School. Get ready to take your editing, camera and directing skills to new level.


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