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The field assignment must be at least 8 – 12 weeks in length. Degree students obtain 1 credit for every completed week of internship. An internship is designed to enable students to exercise newly learnt knowledge and skills in a supervised setting, usually within a team context. A student’s learning is significantly accelerated and deepened by the integration of “learning” and “doing”.

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Photography school
Communication school
Radio school
Video school
Film school
Journalism school


Media Village also provides a full-time, one-year apprenticeship. The University of the Nations is in the process of determining the accreditation that will be awarded for that learning period. An apprenticeship is 12 months and can commence at any time of the year, although a January commencement is advisable. An apprentice has to fulfill the Media Village Builders Agreement. This includes Media Village Production company requirements. Over the apprenticeship period, Media Village tries to provide as many learning opportunities with external clients as possible – this, however, is not a guarantee.

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IT technician

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